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Ready to get involved?


We hope that you will consider helping us with our work. Our many projects exist entirely to benefit the wildlife, the Park and the people at Ranthambore. We can use all the aid and assistance that we can get, to maintain, strengthen and expand our programs.


Our current student lodging accommodates 35 boys, but we're looking to build a bigger and better hostel to benefit underprivileged students from rural areas. For many of these children, parents often struggle to help them with homework after school, provide consistent transportation, and additional aid. The hostel will enable us to provide the extra support they need. 


One of our goals is to build an auditorium at Fateh Public School to encourage our students to participate in music, theatre, dance, debate, and more. The arts are not typically encouraged in small rural areas like Ranthambhore, but we believe these experiences contribute immensely towards the wholesome development of a child.

Thank you for donating, spreading awareness, and supporting the people & tigers of Ranthambore.

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