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Ranthambhore has been the backdrop for a great conservation fight, since it first became a Project Tiger Reserve in 1973 and then a National Park in 1980. Prakratik Society was founded in 1994 when Dr. Goverdhan Singh Rathore, son of globally renowned tiger conservationist Fateh Singh Rathore, felt the need for an sustainable, systemic change.

Dr. Rathore inherited his father's passion, but felt he couldn't do this work without taking into further consideration the lives and livelihood of local inhabitants. He realized that the survival of the people living in the 200 villages surrounding the greater Ranthambhore Park area and the tiger's safety in its forests could only be ensured by a profound change in the thinking of the human residents.


He understood the importance of finding sustainable means of survival for the population residing throughout the vicinity and that weaning them from their reliance on the trees, grasslands and animals of Ranthambhore would be critical to both human beings and wildlife. Today, Prakratik Society offers the necessary support for these changes through an extensive slate of programs. 

Image by Dallas Reedy

We are working toward harmony between

local communities, wildlife, and the environment.


Carl Zeiss Lifetime Achievement for Conservation, 2013 

Dr. Goverdhan Singh Rathore

The Climate Care Award at The Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy, 2004

Prakratik Society

State Certificate of Appreciation, 2002

Dr. Goverdhan Singh Rathore

ESO Honour for Tiger Conservation, 2001

Dr. Goverdhan Singh Rathore

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Dr. Goverdhan Singh Founder & Chairman

Mrs. Rupinder Kaur Executive Director

Dr. Ajayveer Khurana

Mr. Amitabh Vira

Mr. Ashu Agarwal

Mr. Ashutosh Mahadevia

Mr. Dhananjay Sharma

Mr. Dishi Malhotra

Mr. Iskander A Lalljee

Mr. Mohammad Jawaid

Mr. Pawan Inder Singh

Mr. Rahul Chopra

Mr. Sushil Karer


Our committed team of 60 workers continue to labor together toward the common vision of serving the people and tigers of Ranthambore. We couldn't do what we do without them — as well as key partners, friends, and donors.

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