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Since Prakratik Society was formed in 1994,  we have worked to support the needs of the people living in Ranthambore — with the understanding that in order to protect the tigers and their environment, we must also protect the local villagers in their ecosystem. Only when their basic needs such as health, safety, and education are ensured can these villagers look outward to conservation and symbiosis.


Apex Ranthambore Sevika Hospital

We have provided healthcare services to villages around the Park perimeter for almost three decades, now in the form of the region's largest and most advanced hospital: Apex Ranthambore Sevika Hospital. From physician check ups to major surgeries to COVID-care and vaccinations, the hospital and its staff ensures villagers in the region are taken care of. 



Fateh Public School

Founded in 2001, Fateh Public School provides academic and interpersonal education to young minds around Ranthambore. Apart from scholastic achievements and extracurricular skills, students are also taught to protect Ranthambore's ecosystem, conserve natural resources, and protect animals. 25% of students are on freeships and many others on subsidized fees.


Our Counseling Cell extends professional assistance to some of the most helpless members of society. Services include family counseling, conflict resolution, advocacy for women and children, legal consults (including support in courts and hospitals), and prosecution to convict those guilty of wildlife crimes. 

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for Students Belonging to Rural Areas

We offer lodging to 35 students who live in rural areas and need additional support, whether academic or emotional.


This year, we hope to expand our hostel to include accommodation for up to 100 students.  Click below to learn more about the project or make a donation.

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